SkyHyve Educational Statistics

Elevating Educational Analytics with Rigorous Statistical Methods

Established in 2019, SkyHyve Pty Ltd is a small Australian business dedicated to offering the highest quality affordable statistical solutions for NSW secondary schools.

What We Offer

Web Calculator and Dashboard Applications

Our School Statistical Suite includes a range of web applications that use advanced statistical methods well beyond that of alternatives. A BYOD (Bring Your Own Data) approach means that your school can get started straight away.

Report Generation

We offer a Post HSC Report that allows schools to get a breakdown actual hsc performance compared to the expected performance. This allows schools to understand where successes and failures may have occured and respond accordingly.

Professional Services

At SkyHyve, we love it when schools talk to us about new problems they face when dealing with data. We offer bespoke services and consultation in addition to our Assessment Estimations service for estimating student marks in the case of student misadventure or absence.

Why Choose SkyHyve?